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Three Perfect Scores on the First Day of Racing in Blanes!
Posted On:  23/09/2014 19:41:13

Current Raceboard World Champion, Max Wojcik from Poland, Olympian Ivan Pastor from Spain and Ilona Grinberga from Latvia have each taken all three bullets in their respective fleets today, and all have ended day one with a four point lead over their nearest rivals.

The entry of 116 competitors from 16 countries, four continents, is the largest seen at a Raceboard World Championships in recent years, and the calibre of the contestants is high.  The men's division has been equally divided into two fleets, yellow and blue, with the ladies also having their own start.

The day dawned cloudy and with a distinct lack of wind but at long last a southerly breeze set in allowing for three back to back races for each fleet in 6-8 knots during the afternoon.

Results After Three Races:  Men / Women


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