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Rules & Regulations/Class Rule Clarification



Class Rule clarification; and a 7.5 division.

When the class rules were revised for competition from 2005 onwards, not only were the board rules relaxed to permit the use of the new generation of 'hybrid' raceboards such as those developed for the Olympic Equipment evaluation, but also the sail rules were changed.

The most important sail change - the increase in maximum sail size permitted from 7.5 to 9.5 for men, and 8.5 for women.

Of course sailors can continue to choose the sail size maximum most suitable to them, and continue to select from their existing quiver of sails.

If you are a Mistral One Design sailor, you can continue to compete in Raceboard Class events on your existing OD equipment.

Alternatively you can compete on our Mistral OD board, but with a new rig and a 9.5 sail (if male) or 8.5 sail (if female).

You may choose to compete with your existing 7.5 sail (or 7.4 OD sail) but upon a new hybrid board.

One thing that has not been made clear - the Committee's decision to continue to reward, as a division of Raceboard, those sailors who continue to race with 7.5 max sail size.

This decision may only remain in place for 2005, the fnal decision will rest with the members of the Class at the 2005 Agm, to be held during the World Championships in Cadiz.

In the past Raceboard had divisions for lightweight/heavyweight - this experiment with sail size divisions is an attempt to address the same issues that were solved by having weight divisions.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 7.5 division sailors in both the European Championships (Sopot) and the World Championships (Cadiz).

Competitors are also reminded of the NEW LIMITATIONS Rules - C.1.1 -

a. During a series of races, not more than 1 board, 2 sails and 2 centreboard and 2 fins shall be used.

b. Only 1 board, 1 sail, 1 centreboard and 1fin shall be used during a race.

c. The minimum weight of the board, complete with footstraps, centreboard and fin, without mast base, shall be 14,000 grams

If you have any questions regarding these or any other Class Rules or Championship Rules; or the NoR's for this years' Championships, please contact:


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