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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2007 AGM

Minutes of the International Raceboard Class Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 5th September 2007, Formentera, Spain.

1.    Welcome, and registration of voting delegates and email votes

Present:  Paul Leone - Chairman, Committee
Marc Cardon - Committee
John Ellis - Committee
Piotr Hlavaty - Committee (proxy v) & POL (proxy v)
ITA - Ezio Ferin, delegate
GER - Michael Gotzke, delegate
HKG - Hoi Suen, delegate
E-mail vote: Deborah Powell - Committee
It was established that the meeting was quorate.


2.    Minutes of the previous meeting and any matters arising

Approved; there were no matters arising.


3.    Chairman’s Report

The Chairman considered it appropriate to focus on the future, particularly the development of youth and maintaining the support of masters. Developing closer links with motivated manufacturers and increasing participation through provision of charter boards was key to promoting 2008 championships.


4.    Financial Statement 

A full and detailed financial statement was presented to the IWA AGM that preceded this meeting.


5.    Class Rule change submissions to ISAF (2008 onwards)


a) - Proposal: Amendment to Section C - Conditions of Racing -C1.1(a) Section C1.1(a) to be amended to read as follows:

"During a series of races, not more than 1 board, 3 sails, 2 centreboards and 2 fins shall be used"

This replaces the original wording of...."not more than 1 board, 2 sails...."

This proposal is to reflect the feedback from the current UKWA National Raceboard Fleet who have expressed this desire for the amendment to 3 sails to enable full participation on the racecourse for a wider wind range following the increased maximum sail size to 9.5 in 2005.            

Many countries were concerned about the increased amount of equipment necessary for international travel if the change was approved. National Associations could always amend the national championship rules accordingly.  

The proposal was not approved. 

YES 4 / NO 6

6.    Future Championships and venues


a) - 2009 Youth & Masters Worlds: proposal from UK (RYA) see appendix                      

YES 10 / NO 0

b) - 2009 or 2010 Youth & Masters Worlds: proposal from France (FFV) see appendix    

YES 9 / NO 1

c) - The committee finalise venues for 2008 Europeans and Worlds see appendix     

YES 9 / NO 1

7.       Class Committee elections

All committee members stand down but offer themselves for re-election, with the exception of Peter Krimbacher. The AGM approved the re-election of the Committee.

The AGM suggested the committee co-opt a representative from Germany.

YES 9 / NO 1

8.   Any other business

A discussion took place regarding the hybrid division and it was agreed the RSX should remain a class legal option for 2008




UNITED KINGDOM - The venue is the 2012 Olympic Regatta site, Weymouth and Portland. RYA are the organising body, a representative will be attending the meeting to detail the bid. The event will precede the RSX Worlds.

FRANCE - The FFV are proposing hosting a "mega event"  at  La Tranche. The programme to include ALL Junior, Youth and Masters classes- including FE, FW, Raceboard and Techno.

FW Class support the event for 2010. A presentation will be made to the meeting.

Proposals or recommendations for the 2008 Europeans or Worlds will be accepted from the AGM and finalised by the committee.

POLAND - Sopot has been contracted to host the 2008 Youth and Masters between 9th and 16th August.  Piotr Hlavaty will attend the meeting to give information and answer questions.

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