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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2008 AGM

International Raceboard Class Annual General Meeting
held on Thursday 14th August 2008, Sopot, Poland.


Present: Paul Leone - Chairman
Marc Cardon - Committee
Piotr Hlavaty (POL) -Committee
Ezio Ferin (ITA)
Ceri Williams(GBR) - Secretary

1. Welcome and Chairman's Report

The Chairman stressed that the class was still in a "transition period" since the adoption of new class rules in 2005. More Brands are developing "production" boards; the initial momentum which came with adopting "hybrids" has now moved to producing new "longboards". The Hybrid does not seem popular outside the youth division, whereas the new longboards are arousing considerable interest within the class.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

Taken as read; there were no matters arising.

3. Financial Statement and 2007 Accounts

Ceri Williams, IWA Executive Secretary, presented a summary of 2007 class activity . Whilst these show a deficit, a surplus is budgeted for 2008.  2007 IWA Annual Report /Accounts is published on the IWA website.

4. Class Rule change submissions to ISAF (2008 onwards)

No proposals had been received to change the Class Rules.

5. Class Championship Rules

No proposals had been received. The meeting discussed the future of Hybrid and Longboard.

a) Hybrid.

It was agreed that the hybrid concept was popular with youth sailors; but the class could not, should not, rely upon rsx participation as the RSX Class were developing their own youth events. It was decided that the Bic Hybrid offered a better option for racers moving from Techno 293; and the Youth Championship should focus on developing BIC Hybrid One Design.

A submission had been made to ISAF November Conference -"to include Bic Hybrid OD (8.5) as an equipment option for organisers of the ISAF Youth Worlds".

b) Longboards.

It was agreed that for seniors and masters hybrids were not an attractive option to finding a replacement for their old longboards. The industry are once again building longboards, with at least two new boards being available for 2009. The class should re-focus on the longboard, replace the hybrid prize division with 7.5 sail division.

6. Future Championships and venues

a) 2008 Worlds.

Still tbc; and facing the possibility of postponing until 2009

b) 2009 Youth & Masters Worlds, Weymouth.

Contract now confirmed; event website soon on line with information about travel, accommodation etc. Dates: 22nd to 29th August.

c) 2009 (FRA)/2010 (ESP)Youth & Masters Europeans.

The 2009 event has yet to be finalized with Voile Lacanau Guyenne for Easter; the 2010 event is confirmed with Andalusian SF in Cadiz for New Year.

d) 2009 Worlds.

The event has been proposed for Warnemunde Woche in July, with a contract being discussed but yet to be finalized.

e) 2010 Youth & Masters Worlds.

The venue selection is very much dependant upon the ISAF Qualification System for Youth Olympics and the Techno Class decision. Marc Cardon considered that the 2007 AGM had provisionally awarded this event to France, with only the date and venue tbc.

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