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2009 Raceboard Worlds

Warnemunde, Germany
July 6th-11th

Event Website

Photos on DWSV.net - Day 3Day 6


In the biggest World Championship Raceboard event of the last 20 years - 114 competitors from 15 nations - at Warnemuende Maksimilian Woycik POL wins after 12 races with Martin Moritz GER in second place and Patrik Pollak SVK in third.

In the women's fleet Germany's Gabi Schlotmann beat the Czechs Martina Hruba and Jana  Slivova into 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

FULL RESULTS:  Overall Men / Raceboard 7.5 Men / Women

Equipment List


Just prior to the world championships July 4-6, 2009 Open International German Championships for the Classes RS:X and Raceboard will be held at the same location in Warnemunde. For all events there will be age groups for -20, -35, 35+, 45+, 55+ and the first time also 65+.

While these are World Championships events, they are open to all sailors and we are encouraging as many people to attend as possible even if your skills are not at a high level. We would like to have a longboard festival atmosphere with no one intimidated about attending. No one should be thinking this is a world championship, only for the best sailors what shall I do there. This will be hopefully the biggest longboard festival for many years, and all should attend.

There will be special prizes for the nations with the most sailors (besides GER), sailor who made the longest trip, sailor with the oldest equipment, the youngest and oldest sailors.  Many rewards to win will be raffled, so that everyone will have the same chance to win a nice and valuable raffle prize.

Warnemunde is on the Baltic Sea, about a two hour drive from Berlin and Hamburg with Poland and Denmark also not that far away. So if you have some spare time it is an ideal base for seeing some of the other parts of Europe.

For wind and weather conditions you can have a look at the forecasts of windguru for the last two years 2007 and 2008 during the same period at the following link. Please note these were the forecasts not the measured conditions.

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