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Organisation/Agenda/Minutes/2012 AGM

 of  the International Raceboard Class Association

Date: Wednesday, 15th August, 2012.
Venue: International Sailing Centre, Medemblik, Netherlands.


1. Welcome and registration of voting delegates and email votes
       Paul Leone - committee chairman
       Marc Cardon - committee
       Fernando Consorte - committee
       Piotr Hlavaty - proxy to Piotr Oleksiak
       Sam Wong - proxy to Paul Leone
       John Ellis - committee email vote
       Jean Francois Reggio - proxy to Marc Cardon
       ARG - delegate
       BRA - delegate
       CZE - delegate
       FIN - delegate
       GER - delegate
       GBR - delegate
       LAT - delegate
       POL - delegate
       SVK - delegate

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and any matters arising 

No matters arising

3. Chairman's Report

The attendance at this Masters Championships is encouraging and proves that the division has been reinvigorated by the equipment developments from the industry.
Attendances by youth and women remain areas of concern for the long term sustainability of the class despite the arrival of more “hybrid” options.
Clearly venue selection and quality of organization remain critical to the success of events.

4. Financial Statement

Ceri Williams gave a summary of 2011 IWA Management Accounts to the IWA AGM that preceded this meeting. Although Raceboard Class income for 2011 was down on 2010, the class remained a net contributor in the IWA finances. The full IWA Annual Report and Management Accounts can be found on the IWA website.

5. Class Rules

No proposals to amend Class Rules were received

6. Class Championship Rules

a. It is proposed to introduce a "super-vet" age group as a prize division of masters championship - over 65 years of age. Approved - 16 Yes; 0 No

b. It is proposed to permit the grandmaster and veteran divisions to register a 3rd sail in championships. However - class rules apply to awarding Masters World and Continental titles. Not approved - 6 Yes; 10 No

7. Future Championships and venues 

The meeting was informed that the Youth and Master Worlds would no longer be alongside the Techno 293 Worlds or Europeans. This was a decision taken by the Techno293 Class. This policy change did not extend to other continentals; and did not preclude joint championships, for Raceboard, with other classes, eg Formula.
It was, however, announced that the RB Europeans, including youth and masters, may take place the week before the T293 Worlds in Sopot, Poland - pending a signed contract - the provisional dates being 14th to 17th July 2013.

A contract for the 2013 RB Worlds was currently with the Czech Windsurfing Association and it was hoped an announcement could be made by the end of September.
Ezio Ferin proposed the possibility of his club, near Trieste, hosting the Youth and Masters Worlds in 2013 - Ceri Williams agreed to follow up this offer.

8. Any Other Business

a. To receive a report on future championship policy - see above.

b. The development of the R310 Class.
It was generally agreed that the development of a hybrid class, as opposed to a hybrid division of RB class, was a sensible next step. It was agreed that the equipment should be affordable and durable; admission to the class should be limited; and the Class Rules tightened up. It was agreed that a Working Party be formed consisting of industry representatives and committee members, to report back to the RB Committee with detailed proposals.

c. To receive a report on the future of windsurfing as an Olympic Event.
The meeting was primarily concerned about the effect the recent decision may have on youth windsurfing development within ISAF member National Authorities.
It was important that windsurfing remained an event within the ISAF Youth World Championship; and that RB Class had a vital role to play in the future.

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