Paco scores another two bullets in a building breeze [more] The first race of the day got under way just before 1130hrs in 8 > 10 knots of wind and bright sunshine. Paco Wirz (ITA1), barring some unforeseen natural disaster will definitely be standing on the top step of the podium next Saturday night. Perhaps its time for a few more Olympians like Mike Gebhardt and Bruce Kendall to come and join us  if only to give Paco a good race !

Back in the pack where the mere mortals can be found, Paul Leone (GBR 1111) put in a first and a 13th today. Having taken his first discard, he retains 2nd place overall. Jean Asia (FRA 1711) had a good day scoring a 2nd and a 5th to take 3rd overall after discarding his first race 9th place. Jean is also the first Grand Master, well ahead of his countryman Pierre Beck (FRA 85).