Following the 2005 AGM, where there was general agreement that some changes in the class rules are required, [more] the committee have put the following proposals to the ISAF Conference ( ) so that a decision in principle can be made by the ISAF Windsurfing Committee.

If, after the ISAF Council have made their decision on the selection of windsurfing equipment for 2008, some detailed changes need to be made to the above class rules, they can then be approved, without delay, through the ISAF staff using the procedures laid out in the ISAF Regulations. This will ensure that the 2005 Raceboard Class Rules are in line with the latest thinking.

In fact, the rules are as inclusive as possible and will enable all the existing ‘hybrid’ boards evaluated by ISAF to race whilst at the same time allowing existing longboards to go on racing. The committee have agreed that there shall be two divisions specified in future notices of race. One for longboards using 7.4 sails and one ‘open’ division with a maximum sail size for men of 9.5m and for women of 8.5metres.

The IRCA is aware that the majority of the brands involved in the ISAF Evaluation trials are now putting their hybrid designs into production and is keen to ensure that these new boards are able to race for a world championship title in 2005 and beyond. The IRCA is also very keen to work with the windsurfing industry in the development of this new style of race equipment.

if you have any questions or comments, please, at first address them to the class secretary at so that they can be passed to the whole committee for discussion.