Welcome to the new International Raceboard Class website – a new look to promote a revitalised class. A clean and crisp look that is reflected in the 2005 Class Rules which are ‘open’ and uncluttered.

The class rules permit the use of virtually all existng ISAF registered production boards with a centreboard and includes ‘hybrids ‘ such as the Mistral Prodigy and Starboard Z Class. The new olympic board – RSX – is also class legal equipment; and the Raceboard Class have a full championship calendar for 2005 starting wih a European Champonships in Sopot, Poland in August (NoR), together with the Raceboard Masters Worlds, and the Raceboard Worlds 2-8 October in Cadiz (NoR coming soon). 

The further development of hybrid raceboards will continue the regeneration of interest in racing that began with Formula .