The opening night of the 2006 King Power Raceboard World Championship was a spectacular occasion. More than 800 people – sailors, officials, and guests – attended a gala evening hosted by Raimon Land and Northpoint. [more]


A sumptuous buffet and free bar was provided throughout the evening, with entertainment provided by a series of live acts from around the world – fire eaters from Thailand, Capoeira from Brazil, Tango performance from Argentina, a live band, and a fashion show of beachwear.


The occasion combined the opening night of the championship with the official opening of the Northpoint beachfront luxury condominium by developers Raimon Land, whose motto – “developing a better environment” – strikes a chord with windsurfers worldwide.


Miss Universe 2005, Natalie, was joined on stage by representatives of the hosts to declare the official opening and ignite a magnificent firework finale.


For those willing and able the party continued into the night – with the prospect of a second day of registration and recovery an incentive.