The first day of racing at the 2006 King Power Raceboard World Championships was notable only for the widely fluctuating conditions at the Northpoint beachfront, Wong-Amat Beach, Pattaya. [more]

A series of thunderstorms punctuated by calm periods meant it was not possible to race today.  The conditions are not typical of this period.

Sailors took the opportunity to discus with Patrice Belbeoch (Exocet MD) his Warp X 380 – “possibly the longest R&D project we have encountered . . . endless hours of testing and development of new technologies.”

New features were the centre of discussion

* Wider nose for better support in light wind
* Tapered pintail for minimum drag
* Wide powerful daggerboard, for light wind and heavy weight sailors 
* Narrow X Fin for max speed in all conditions
* Step Tail adapter”

Some sailors took to the water in the calm periods on one of the Starboard Serenity boards.

“The design brief was simple: develop a concept board that would make sailing in 2-9 knots exciting, challenging and rewarding. The instant acceleration, totally serene gliding sensation, almost ghosting and alive ride makes light wind areas around the world become the playground for people who take pleasure in the smooth sensitivity of a windsurfing hull.”