Mariano Reutemann takes the World Champion title!


Finally, the blue and white flag fluttered timidly to indicate that the Raceboard World Championships Potrerillos 2007 had reached its conclusion and gave the Championship title to Argentinian Mariano Reutemann.[more]


The leadened sky threatened most of the day but the wind failed to materialise.  Thus the fight for the second and third places on the podium, that was shaping up to be a great battle between five sailors, did not happen. 


Champion of Thailand 2006, Patrik Pollak (SVK 1), and Paulo dos Reis (BRA 3333) had to resolve who would be the runner-up. Both were equal on 40 points but a marginal difference was in favour of the Brazilian helmsman. Speculating on his performance up until now, the numerous spectators on the beach debated who would be escort to Cordovan Mariano Reutemann (ARG 8); who the previous day had obtained a first and second position, guaranteeing a points lead that would be unassailable. The attention was not only centered on the action of these two competitors, but also the performances of Pierre Loquet (FRA 93), Martín Berardo (ARG 5) and Marcos Galvan (ARG 9), no more than five points behind dos Reis and Pollak added extra flavour.


Meanwhile, Paco Wirz (ITA 1) was de-rigging. The Italian champion of raceboard masters 2006 knew that he would be unable to improve on his seventh position, nor would anybody behind be able to overtake him.   Also on the beach, the brilliant Brazilian competitor, Patricia Castro (BRA 9), had decided to take a walk.


In the water, the men waited restlessly on their boards hoping for the return of wind that would allow competition to resume.  Time increased their anxiety. For Fernando Consorte (ARG 355) and Gustavo Zammitto (ARG 11), impatience was mixed with  nerves – both positioned within three points of Nahuel Abram (ARG 14) with a little luck could snatch his place and enter the top ten of the competition. 


The incomprehensible situation of calm persisted and the competitors returned to the beach; Potrerillos had been declared.


In the masculine category, Reutemann, the champion, dos Reis, runner-up, and third Pollak.  In the ladies, Patricia Castro escorted by Demita Vega (MEX 5) and Bruno Melo (BRA 49).


The Raceboard Class would like to thank Mendoza Windsurfing Association for their excellent organisation and for the support given by the city and province.  This is a fantastic venue for windsurfing racing and we look forward to returning in the future.