The XXVII Argentinian Windsurfing Championship was held from December 5th to 9th in the Rio de la Plata waters. The organization of the Event was headed by the Metropolitan Windsurfing Association (MWA), Peru Beach Board Store and the Argentinian Association of Sailing Boards (AASB). Audit was performed by the Argentinian Yachting Federation (AYF).

These are the 2007 Argentine Champions: Fernando Consorte, Guillermo Zerga, Gustavo Idoyaga and Jose Bandoel.[more]


Raceboard “A”:  1st prize, Fernando Consorte (8 pts.). 2nd prize, Martin Abete (13 pts.). 3rd prize, Daniel Ocampo (16 pts.).

Raceboard Master:  1st prize, Guillermo Zerga (49 pts.). 2nd prize, Gustavo Almenara (67 pts.). 3rd prize, Alejandro Reinaud (101 pts.).

Raceboard Grand Master:  1st prize, Gustavo Idoyaga (25 pts.). 2nd prize, Daniel San Martín (82 pts.). 3rd prize, Guillermo Susan (108 pts.).

Raceboard Veteran:  1st prize, Jose Bandoel (19 pts.). 2nd prize, Armando Fabrega (68 pts.). 3rd prize, Daniel Bonamico (87 pts.)

There were gentle winds except on Saturday 8th, when the East winds reached 28 knots and three races took place under those weather conditions.

Potrerillos, Mendoza hosted the Raceboard World Championship this year and two of the Argentine Champions mentioned above had a remarkable participation in this event. We refer to Gustavo Idoyaga and Jose Bandoel, who were Raceboard Grand Master and Raceboard Veteran World Champions respectively.