Competitors were warmly welcomed by the city of Civitavecchia during the opening ceremony following a colourful parade through the town.  7 countries are represented in the Raceboard fleets: ESP, FRA, GBR, GER, ITA, SUI and SVK but the overall competitor list, including techno sailors, numbers some 163 so it is a fantastic turnout.  Click here to view full entry list.[more]

The first day of racing began promptly. Strong winds were forecast but it was hoped that at least one race could be completed.  However, organisers quickly realised that this would not be possible and sent competitors ashore as winds increased rapidly within half an hour to 25-30 knots, the sea began to build and rain squalls brought gusts of up to 35 knots! 

Today, Saturday, Civitavecchia is still lashed by storms and conditions are horrendous.  Organisers have already decided that there will be no racing today.  We eagerly anticipate better conditions tomorrow.