James Grunfelder sailed strongly in both the windy conditions on Friday and Sunday as well as the lighter conditions on Saturday to record a well deserved win in both the Australian Raceboard Championships and the Oceanic Championships.  [more]Fantastic conditions resulted in 11 out of a possible 12 races being contested for the Australian Championships, however one race on Saturday was deemed to a non-Oceanic Championship race making only 10 races to count towards the Oceanic Championship.

Australian Championship (Raceboard International)
– 11 races, 2 drops:

1st  James Grunfelder
2nd Russell Jones
3rd John Demol
Oceanic Championship (Raceboard International)
– 10 races, 1 drop

1st  James Grunfelder
2nd  John Demol
3rd  Russell Jones
Australian Championship (Open)
1st  Byron McIlveen

Australian & Oceanic Ladies Champion
1st  Judi Nealy

Australian & Oceanic Youth Champion
1st  Benjamin Morrell

Australian Championship (Silver)
– 11 races, 2 drops

1st  Dan Bax
2nd  Lissa McMillan
3rd  Lauren Nealy
Australian Junior Champion
1st  Adam Wahyudi Moechyi

Australian Heavy Weight Champions
1st  Russell Jones
2nd  Mike Nelson
3rd  Richard Reatti

Australian Medium Weight Champions
1st  James Grunfelder
2nd  John Demol
3rd  Chris Thompson

Australian Light Weight Champions
1st  Martin Stone
2nd  Martin Thearle
3rd  Richard Reynolds

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