It was an early start on the last day. It was blowing already at 10:30am around 10 knots and sailors were keen to go out.  [more]2 races were completed with wind at 15/16 knots – just perfect! After coming back to shore to rest the last race was sailed with 16 knots with gusts up to 20knots.

Marcos Galvan scored a perfect 10 to win the Raceboard title.  By not competing in the last race, he allowed Fernando Consorte his moment of glory as he won the final race of the championship.  Esteban de Pierris took the bronze position.

The skippers meeting at Peru Beach took place under an overcast sky, it was hot and humid and there was no wind at all!  Organisers offered a free pasta lunch to the eager competitors while they waited for racing conditions. It was a good entry with 6 Beginners, 15 Techno and 23 on Raceboard.

At 16:00 the boards were afloat, although there was barely enough wind for the racing starting at 16:15, but it increased steadily to a nice 10/12 knots!  However, that was the pre-warning of a major tropical storm moving in from southeast and we do mean MAJOR!  With some 18 knots already blowing and going up fast, the rescue team was very busy!!  As the wind topped 30 knots, all the kids were in shallow water walking back to the beach, then 35 knots, heavy rain, 150 meter visibility . . . but all were safe, although a few unsecured sails flew away!

The first day of racing for Raceboard before the storm front, saw top positions changing constantly, but Marcos Galvan, who has not competed for some time, showed his experience and tactical manoevering remains valid as ever. He has won all seven races of the competition so far. In second place is former South American masters champion Fernando Consorte with Esteban de Pierris giving him a run for his money in third place.

3 races were completed on day two and another 2 in marginal planing conditions on day three.

With temperatures up around 32c under a bright blue sky, winds are expected to increase during the next two days of racing.

Stay tuned, or visit the event website for news, results and photos