As announced last year, the Raceboard Class has been selected as equipment for the windsurfing event in the 2011 European Masters Games to be held in Lignano, Italy. [more]

The windsurfing event, within the Games, will take place from 12th to 14th September 2011. The event is for competitors aged 35 or over Full details about the sailing regatta and the windsurfing event will be published soon.

Here is some information about the Lignano Games:

The European Masters Sports Association (EMSA) is the European organisation who is responsible for the bidding and placing of the games. The European games are in close relationship with the International Masters Games Association (IMGA, owner of the World Masters Games), which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee, and which through the European Masters Sports Association embody the Olympic ideal that sport is a human right for people of all ages regardless of race, social class, gender and economic circumstance.

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The 2013 World Masters Games will be hosted by Torino, Italy –