Ceri Williams, IWA Executive Secretary, caught up with Marianne at the Raceboard Europeans in Yyteri, Finland to ask her a few questions. [more]

CW – This is your first Raceboard class event, what made you decide to enter?

MK – I knew about the event last year and thought about supporting it because it was in my country, but it clashed with the PWA slalom scheduled for Costa Brava. When that event was cancelled i decided to enter. I like a challenge and being presented with this opportunity I had to accept – my decision was helped by some good natured banter from male colleagues!

CW – You are the only woman competing in this event, why do you think so few women enter competitions?

MK – I think there are many factors that make it more complex decision for women to make the commitment. In addition to the usual pressure of work and family you can add – shortage of sponsorship, access to equipment, few coaches, essentially a lack of support that would make the whole process easier. Some say the sport is too physical – but I do not think this is the crucial factor – for me it adds to the challenge.

CW – how much preparation did you have for this championship?

MK – not very much because it was last minute decision due to Costa Brava cancellation! I am using borrowed equipment and everyday of the competition I am improving.

CW – What are your impressions of raceboard equipment and the style of racing?

MK – My first impression was the equipment is slow – compared to equipment I use in my usual racing disciplines of formula and slalom. The board requires different handling skills to get the best out of it; there are many more “variables” to manage. Racing is more tactical, which I like.

CW – Will you do more raceboard events?

MK – I am enjoying the experience; if time and money permit I am sure I will do another raceboard event

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