The recent (2011) AGM approved the following changes to the Championship Rules:[more]

(i) Weight Divisions

To amend rule 2.3.1 to read: “Lightweight – a sailor who weighs less than 82kg”

To amend rule 2.3.2 to read: “Heavyweight – a sailor who weighs more than 78k”

(ii) Equipment Divisions – Hybrid

To amend rule 2.4.1 to read – “A Hybrid is any ‘production raceboard’ with a maximum length of 310cm.

(iii) Youth Title

To award the Raceboard Class Youth Title to the Hybrid Division.

These rules are effective from the date of the AGM.

The decision to award a youth title for hybrids only is not a new policy – but a policy reverting to the successful formula employed between 2005 and 2010.

The long term objective is to separate hybrid boards into a new class – since longboards and hybrids are not seen as compatible class mates!

It is hoped in the short term to encourage under 35’s (non masters) to the class; long term to re-introduce youths to longboard racing.