Despite not winning any races today, 39 year old Pedro Moura (POR 73) is now at the top of the Raceboard Masters Fleet, [more]this being the result of consistent sailing with his worst discarded result being a 7th.

5 points behind him is Grandmaster Juha Blinnikka (FIN 6) who has moved up from third place taking the first race win of the day. His worst result of the competition so far in the last race was discarded. GBR’s Mark Kay, yesterday’s leader, has been relegated to third place.

Still the one to watch is Alex Buchau (ESP 36) currently in fourth, winner of the last race of the day. As soon as we reach 12 races – and there is every expectation that we will – he will discard his dead weight score of 21 from the first day.

Frank Spoettel (GER 114), although just outside the top ten, will be really pleased with his win in the second race of the day.

The ladies have their own private battle going on – Maria Antonia Dominguez Gutierrez is just one point ahead of Ilona Grinberga from Latvia.

In the Youth Fleet, Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) has reached the top spot with a race win in the second of the day.  Not the best day for yesterday’s leader, Bautista Saubidet Birkner as he has dropped to third behind Artem Murashev who is now back in second place.  Joris van Essen (NED 1111) is hanging in there in fourth trying to close the gap with two bullets today.

Anastasya Valkevich (BLR 4) is still 6th overall, 1st lady.

Yet again, fantastic conditions, a great day’s racing and still more to come!

RESULTS: Masters after 9 / Youths after 9

And some great shots of Day 3 from Jan de Jonge