The Monsaraz Windsurf Festival 2018, was the first event of the year for Formula Windsurfing and Raceboard in Portugal, this event is already being organized since 7 years ago, and this year we broke our record of competitors 47, 25 in Formula Open, 14 in Formula Sport (rookie class) and 8 in Raceboard.[more] The competitors were from Portugal, Spain and UK.
This time this event had the full support and sponsoring by the City Hall of Reguengos de Monsaraz with their new Brand REGUENGOS DE MONSARAZ CAPITAL DOS VINHOS DE PORTUGAL, and also with the new beach infrastructure the place is perfect for windsurfing. The technical part of the event was supported by the CLUBE NAVAL DE PORTIMÃO.
This time the Wind Saint J give to us all kind of winds, since perfect winds between 12 to 15 knots, perfect for all classes, winds between 20 to 30 knots, and finally very light winds around 4 to 5 knots that the only class that race was the Raceboard. This year was not only the wind but the lake was completely full of water, that was perfect for all kind of courses, one day we were more to south for clear wind, and the next days was in front of the race office and in front of the restaurant, that everyone could enjoy all the race, this place is the perfect place to see all the races without going to the water.
Regarding the races, in the first day was the registration day in the morning, and we had to wait a little before the wind stabilize, the races only started at 15.30, starting with winds around 12 knots and in the last race we already had some gusts around 15 to 16 knots, perfect wind and perfect conditions for Formula and Raceboard. In the first race we had a little shift wind that all the competitors had to look more for the tactics than the speed itself. Miguel Martinho won the 3 races in Formula Open, Jose Maria Pinar won 2 races in Formula Sport and was in first place and in the Raceboard class was Pedro Moura in first place but with the second near Pedro, in that day we made 3 races back to back. In this first day also we had the Dinner of the Open Ceremony on offer for all competitors.
In the second day the Forecast was excellent, starting with winds around 15 to 20 knots and increasing, the races was a little delayed because the race committee had some problems with the boat, and they had to change the boat for the race committee and instead of starting at 12.00 only started at 13.30, and at that time the wind was already around 20 knots.  The idea of the second day was two races back to back and more two races back to back, but the wind start to blown strong and was only possible to do two races back to back, because when everyone was starting to prepare for the 3 race the wind start to blow between 35 to 40 knots, and all the races were cancel for the rest of the day.
Third day, the forecast was not so good for Formula, but could be a good race for Raceboard in light conditions, and was what happen, the wind was around 4 to 5 knost and the race committee start the race only for raceboard, after some difficulties to put the marks because the wind was changing a lot in direction finally they start, was a full race with light wind, that was good for the tactic racers and the light one. In this third day was only possible to make one race, because the wind drop completely. To finish the day well we had the official dinner of the event, offered by the City Hall of Reguengos de Monsaraz.
Last day, no races only the prize giving, no wind the whole day.
Formula Open – 1st Miguel Martinho; 2nd Vasco Chaveca; 3rd Bruno Bertholo
Formula Sport – 1st Jose Maria Pinar; 2nd Pedro Amorim; 3rd Jose Carlos Reis
Raceboard – 1st Pedro Moura; 2nd Alexander Diaz; 3rd Rafael Ros Pardo

Full Results
This year was one of the best Championships in Monsaraz / Alqueva since we start to organize the event, all the competitors were very very happy with this event, and hoping for next year, also because all the place the competitors have lots of things to do when we don’t have wind, they can do SUP, BTT (lots of trials for BTT), and stars observatory (Alqueva is one of the places in Portugal that you can see more stars). This event was perfect for the first event of the year for everyone to try the new equipment, trim and start all the preparation, this year also with the presence of two English competitors that came to prepare for the Masters Worlds in Lagos.
See you next year, and hoping even with a better event.