Member national associations are reminded of the deadline of 7th June to submit proposals for consideration at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

Many submissions have been received including one from Chairman Paul Leone regarding a clarification of the maximum sail size rule. [more]

This submission has the unanimous support of the class committee and is reproduced here:
C.8.1.b) – Size
Men          Maximum    9.5 m     9.500 m
Woman     Maximum    8.5 m     8.500 m2

Youths      Maximum    8.5 m2      8.500 m

The intention of the existing rule, with the inclusion of a 3.2% measurement tolerance, was to limit sails to a maximum of 9.8m2 and 8.8m2 respectively.
The wording of the existing rule had the approval of ISAF (now World Sailing – WS) Technical Department; but it was decided by the new staff at WS that the proposed new wording ensured the intent of the rule was not open to “misinterpretation”.

The full agenda, with all submissions received, will be published no later than 14th June.

Only national associations in good standing, ie current paid up members of the international class, may submit proposals and vote at the AGM.

If your membership subscription is still outstanding please contact: