The start of the first event of the Supercup series of 2019 was on 11th May and took place at Nove Mlyny, Czech Republic. There arrived more than the usual three nations – Czech, Slovak and Hungarian – there were also representatives from Germany, Moldavia and Latvia because of the upcoming Raceboard European Championships. There were 43 Raceboards, 29 Technos, 6 RS:X and also 6 formulas ready to compete. [more]

On Sunday the wind strength and direction was changing from hour to hour. That is why it was not easy to prepare the course. First the wind came from East and South East and than it shifted to South. Finally we were able to sail one race. The wind speed was about 5-6 m/s (10-12 knots).
After the first race the wind dropped down and we returned to the shore. We waited again for better wind. In the late afternoon hours there was a weak breeze but it was not possible to start another race as the wind on the lake was flowing from different directions.
On Saturday the forecast for the wind was better. In the first race of the day the wind speed was about 3-5 m/s and in the second race the wind picked up. After the break the wind increased significantly and there were planing conditions. The chances for better ranking were on the side of heavier competitors or those who liked more wind.
At the end the Slovak Olympian Patrik Pollak (SVK-1) was the best in the Raceboard class and was followed by Czech Olympian Karel Lavicky (CZE-130).  The third place belonged to Petr Kucera (CZE-15). 
David Drda (CZE-63) was the leader in Bic Techno class. Second was Anna Morvai (HUN-9) closely followed by Kristyna Pinosova (CZE-289) in third place. 
The best three competitors in RS:X class are Tamas Palinkas (HUN-160), Balint Morvai (HUN-9) and Katerina Svíkova (CZE-89). 
The winner of formula class was Jakub Zíma (CZE-777), second was Martin Sladky (CZE-4) and third place was taken by Marek Raska (CZE 76).
Next time we will meet at the Hungarian Supercup, that will be held from 7th June at Balaton.