A breakthrough you might say, as Borja Carracedo Serra from Spain came back ashore freezing after the three races today. He was wearing his Superman lycra and he was clearly happy with his super result. “I have the SUPER power – winning the last one, I have to wear this lycra more often. I want one more. I’m only warming up and now that I know how to do it, I can win more,” he said laughing. [more]

That being said Joao Rodrigues is still in the top spot with that race being the only one he hadn’t won so far. And that being discarded his lead is comfortable to say the least. A little more packed on the lower steps of the podium as Borja’s result has brought him on even points with the local Karel Lavicky in third, both trailing 9 points to second overall Aron Gadorfalvi from Hungary. 
Over at the ladies Czech Jana Slivova is doing really well, having won all races so far. Aleksandra Blinnikka from Finland is second and Vita Matise from Latvia third.
In 10th is Lissa McMillan from Australia, who is here with Richard Reynolds. And it’s not their first time Raceboarding in Europe.   
“We have a big summer of European sailing starting with the Raceboard European championships now in the Czech Republic, followed by Defi Wind in France in two weeks’ time and then we’re off for the Worlds in Warnemunde and beyond to France. At these Raceboard events, of course we like the competition, but we really like the people. Now that we’ve been coming to Europe for many years, we’ve met a lot of friends, it’s good to catch up with them. When the Worlds were in Australia, we hosted a few at our house and now we visit them around Europe.”
“We encourage our Australian friends to come as well. They see it is possible because we do it. Especially when the locations are not too mainstream everyone gets excited about doing something different and not just going to tourist places but seeing real people and making good friends.”
So, if you want to spend time in some not so obvious locations, meet great people and have fun be like Lissa and Richie – come RACEBOARDING! 
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