Raceboarders had been waiting for this day for some time now, with all events cancelled but the one, today the European championships kicked off.  [more]

Any event organized in 2020 has been a challenge both for the organizers and the competitors themselves. This one has been no different, but the effort has so far paid off with competitors from five countries in the fight for gold.
Those that came to Sopot, Poland are not disappointed as the day’s racing came to a close after the scheduled three races, and we have much more to look forward to. Although Max Wojcik (POL) did make it look easy today it was definitely not the case and some big names including multi-medalists Pawel Gardasiewicz (POL) and Patrik Pollak (SVK) will be hot on his heels in the days to come. 
What’s more, despite winning all of the races Max was not flawless, the DPI you will see in his first race is a penalty for not remembering to have the mandatory buoyancy aid. A lesson to learn for the rest of the regatta. 
The regatta is scheduled to finish on Saturday with a maximum of 15 races, including one marathon race, so still a lot can change before we learn who the next European champion is.