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Surfari 2019 Raceboard Masters World Championship

IFCA Worlds '03 - Hyeres Day four
19:00 Slalom #5 Results before protests hearings:
1.Kevin Pritchard (USA-3), 2.Ciril Moussilmani (FRA-71), 3.Antoine Albeau (FRA-192), 4.Jesper Vesterstorm (DEN-111), 5.Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10), 6.Michal Polanowski (POL-16)
New short movie from day 2: (mpg 3.2Mb)
17:30 Waiting for the results of slalom serie#5 please look at Day four - Slalom
16:05 Slalom #4 Results: 1. Kevin Pritchard (USA-3), 2. Atoine Albeau (FRA-192), 3. Ciril Moussilmani (FRA-71), 4. Wojtek Brzozowski (POL-10)... Next serie will start at 16:40...
13:48 Next slalom serie 14:30
13:37 Slalom #3 Final Results: 1. Kevin Pritchard (USA-3), 2. Antoine Albeau (FRA-192), 3.Ciril Moussilmani (FRA-71), 4. Ben van der Steen (NED-57), 5. Michal Polanowski (POL-16). Wojtek (POL-10) won loserfinal...
13:32 Antoine and Kevin won their semifinals. Final in a minutes. Wojtek OCS in semifinal and now compete in loser final...
12:15 First heat started at 12:10!
10:50 Warm and sunny. Wind 15 knots. Probably downwind slalom will start in a minutes...

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Warnung: Wind in Warnemuende!

IFCA Worlds - Day five
15:00 - AP over A. End of the competition! Prizegiving ceremony at 16:30. Please return later for the final results and photos ...
14:32 - Race #7 Results: 1. Wojtek (POL-10), 2. Atoine (FRA-192), 3. Kevin (USA-3), 4.? Jesper Vesterstorm (DEN-111), 5.? Michal Polanowski(POL-16). It is not yet clear if it will be one more race ... stay tuned...
13:47 - Z flag for the next race is UP!!! .. stay tuned
13:40 - Wind accelerate to 16 knots. Maybe one more formula race?!
11:00 - 3 knots so far. Not so promising forecast for today. We should receive slalom results soon
Results after 5 slalom series:

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