Telchac, Yucatan, Mexico

Friday, December 5th. 2003

Thanks God is – today.

Several million years ago, exactly here, in this point of the planet, an asteroid  impacted the earth making one of the most important moments of change in the pre-history.[more] We are into the Chicxulub’s Crater.

Indeed. Telchac is placed in one of the most investigated places of the continent. National Geographic’s science experts have worked here trying to discover what happened in that fraction of time. In seconds, (The Big Buuuuuuuummmm!!!!!!!!!) all the dinosaurs disappear from the surface of the globe. The dust covered our planet for centuries. The plants were reduced to ashes. And the oil corporations begun their kingdom from this moment.

Thanks God is… the present time, is Friday, and no meteorite predicted for today in our planetarium forecast.

6 races have past. And 3 more today. Some now can smell the gold. Others; another precious metals (it’s a matter of preferences).

The windsurfer’s call of duty is 11:30 a.m.  The Mayan God of wind is running at 10 knts flying from N – NW, and his associated, the Sun God, arrives together sharp at the meeting . Another day of races start. The stamina arises. The booms, mast-tracks, and joints… tremble. The  2 windparkings are full of winners.

Only two days to go now. 12:30 p.m. another Buuuuuuuum! The races start.

And finish.

Today we publish again the updated full list of every category for an overview. This are the preliminary results after 4 day of races (including today’s 3 races for a total of 9). Wind speed and race times in graphics.

Results available at:

The competition will continue tomorrow Saturday December 6th.. The final day of races.

From 9 p.m. daily, the results of the journey will be posted in the event’s website to be consulted:

Who will win?  Don’t miss tomorrow the final chapter in your favorite web site.

Jorge A. Vales

Communications Center

Repporting  you directly from this place of the world.