Kevin Festocq (FRA 12) continued his dominant form with 2 more first places – 6 straight wins![more]

Consistant performance from Thibault LeRuste (FRA 31) ensures his position in second place.

Although the top five places are with FRA boys – first girl and 6th place overall belongs to Laura Linares (ITA 110).

This year’s event in Marsala represents a return to Youth racing for the Raceboard Class – a division once dominanted by the Class!

Youth racers are limited to the use of production “hybrid” raceboards – the BIC Hybrid Race has clearly got an advantage in light winds, but do not underestimate the performance of the RS:X as demonstrated by the results of ITA 110!

Sailors registered in the RS:X division are restricted according to class rules for youth – and are limited to the use of one sail and one fin of 60cm, compared to 70cm fin of other raceboards.

Raceboard Youth Results after 6 races