Paco Wirz has broken the tie with Max Wojcik at the top of the Raceboard Europeans leaderboard today, despite scoring his worst result so far in race 5, and has gained a three point lead.  [more]Petr Kucera (CZE) won race 7 and moves up to third knocking fellow countryman Radim Kamensky down to fourth.  Two wins today for Jozuas Bernotas from Lithuania has propelled him from 22nd to 8th!

Alistair Masters has been bumped off the top of the Youths, Remi Ledoux taking on the leadership.  Kevin Festocq and Marc Noesmoen maintain their third and fourth positions.

Whilst Paco maintains a clean score of 7 at the top of the Masters Fleet which makes him untouchable, there has been much jostling for positions behind him.  Frank Spoettel from Germany is now second and Jean Asia from France is now third.   Our oldest competitor born in 1941, Michal Srzednicki from Poland, scored 8th in race 7.