The record entry of 114 surfers from 15 nations in the Raceboard World Championship 2009 sailed 12 races during the Championship. “This is the biggest fleet in a World Championship of the Raceboard Class, we have seen for more than 20 years”, Murat Tueten from the German Windsurfing Association, who organised the event, raved. [more]

It was a tight finish before the world title in the Raceboard class was decided on Saturday June 11, 2009. Maksimilian Wojcik could defeat the German challenger Moritz Martin in a tight finish. Martin became second, followed by the Slovakian Patrik Pollack. “In these very changing conditions only all-rounder like Martin or me could win the series and I am very happy about the title in the end”, said the 25 year old surfer from Poland. “I was very nervous before the last races started and the pressure was enormous. It is my biggest success so far to win the championship after a world title in the youth class at the age of 16. I love the atmosphere in the Raceboard class, it is pure amateur sport and very different to the Olympic RS:X class in which I train as well”, raved the polish surfer, who started for the first time during the Warnemuende Week. The beaten competitor from Germany was happy about his vice title in the end as well: “I could win the last race, which was good for my motivation and my goal was to be among the top three, so it is a great success for me. I had some spin outs on Saturday due to fin problems, which have cost me some deciding points, as it was really tight”, Martin said. Patrik Pollack from Slovakia won Bronze.

Gabi Schlotmann from Germany won the women’s title clear ahead in front of Martina Hruba and Jana Slivova, both from Czechoslovakia.

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