With less than one week to go until this year’s World Championship in Weymouth here is some useful info and reminders.[more]

Access to event site will be from, and including, Friday 21st August. From that day competitors will have exclusive use of the facilities within the “event village”.

If you intend to arrive earlier than the 21st you should make arrangements directly with WPNSA .

Equipment storage is provided within the event village. Competitors’ equipment must be left within the secure storage area provided throughout the regatta. You will be able to park a trailer or put your equipment within the storage tents provided. The tents will be racked and a space will be allocated to you.

Upon arrival please follow the instructions given by the event marshalls – unload as quickly as possible and move on to the parking area provided.

Camper vans will not be able to stay on site – an area has been provided close to the centre and you should book your space on-line via the WPNSA website.

Day parking is provided, please park with consideration for others – parking spaces are for vehicles only!

Personal buoyancy – all competitors are reminded to bring their personal buoyancy in case the race committee decide, due to the conditions on the day, to hoist Y flag.

NoR # 18.2 is amended – personal buoyancy is mandatory for all competitors under 18 years of age.

Departure – all competitors will be required to vacate the event village by close of day on 30th August. The Junior, Youth and Masters Championship is followed by the RSX World Championships and competitors in that event will have exclusive access from 31st August.

We all look forward to seeing you in Weymouth!