The “Coca-Cola Zero Windsurfer Vintage Cup” was held during the second weekend of July, at the center NALOO Marina di Palo (Rome).  A very special amateur race with boards designed more than 25 years ago! The Mythical Windsurfer! [more]

The reborn class windsurfer saw over twenty competitors, from pure slalom and wave riders down to tenacious young beginners, including three girls. The torrid heat of July was eased by the icy Coke Zero cans distributed at the beach.  Note the curious fact ‘that some participants had never sailed in the past with these boards, and were amazed at their ability, maneuverability, and Speed! “It’s Possible”

The competition was organized at the center of Paul Bini NALOO in collaboration with the’ XRay Windsurfing Academy in the person of Raymond Gasperini, who directed all operations carefully on water and off. A series of knockouts, with winners and losers groups, spectacular starting procedures off the beach where the large audience drawn to the event could cheer shoulder to shoulder with athletes in the race.

We thank the NALOO hospitality, Coca-Cola Zero who believed in this very successful event, and Link Distribution Fca / Volkswagen.

Article Simona Graziola