There was always the possibility of thunderstorms, although the forecast predicted they would hit tomorrow. With temperatures rising to 34c on the beach, and no wind, the race officer postponed the first possible start of racing until 14.00hrs. [more]

On time the fleet were called out and one race was finished before the thunder rolled and the rain came. The race brought a new winner – leading grand master Juha Blinnikka (FIN 6).

After a break ashore it was clear that stable winds would not return, and with further thunder and lightening a distinct possibility, it was decided to call it a day.

Overall rankings remain unchanged with 3 races and one day left of these championships.
1st – Patrik Pollak SVK 1
2nd – Kazumasa Sugiura JPN 15
3rd – Juha Blinnikka FIN 6
4th – Jon Tornwall FIN 66
5th – Tomas Sundell FIN 316