The 2023 Raceboard European and Masters Championships, held in Ibiza from October 9th to 14th, marked the final international competitive event in the world of Raceboard windsurfing this year. The legendary Joao Rodrigues from Portugal emerged as the dominant force, claiming the title of European and Masters Champion. Rodrigues showcased his exceptional skills by winning an impressive four out of seven races, cementing his status as a windsurfing icon.

The second and third positions in this championship were secured by Spanish athletes. Curro Manchon and Toni Colomar Torres, both hailing from Spain, put on strong performances to clinch these coveted spots. Their impressive performances demonstrated the high level of competition at the event, making the championship even more thrilling for spectators and competitors alike.

In the Women’s European Championship category, Blanca Manchon, sister of Curro Manchon, emerged as the champion. Her remarkable skills and determination enabled her to secure the Women’s European title, further showcasing the remarkable talent within the Manchon family.

Overall, the 2023 Raceboard European and Masters Championships in Ibiza were a testament to the prowess and dedication of the windsurfing community. With Joao Rodrigues as the standout champion, the event demonstrated the enduring appeal and excitement of this exhilarating water sport.

Next year we come back to Spain for the World Championships in Cadiz and stay tuned for the announcement of the Europeans shortly.

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