In the heart of Andalucia, a remarkable initiative is underway to breathe new life into Raceboard sailing. The Secretaria Territorial Andaluza de Raceboard (STAR) recently concluded its first training camp, marking a significant step forward for the Raceboard association in the region. Led by dedicated individuals like Curro Manchon and Álvaro Rivera, this training camp showcased the enthusiasm and talent of 18 young athletes under 21 who, for the first time, took to the waters on Raceboards.

Achieving Objectives:

All the objectives set for the training camp were successfully accomplished. Two water and physical sessions were conducted, navigating the challenges of light winds. The athletes displayed commendable competitiveness, impressing both the organizers and onlookers alike.

Recognition for Participants:

Manchon commended the efforts of both the girls and boys who participated. The girls – Laura, Nerea, Eloisa, Valle, Claudia, Maria, Blanca, Olivia, and Lucía – were praised for giving their best and demonstrating unwavering determination. The boys – Arturo, Palomino, Manolo, Llorca, Sergio, Fran, Dani, Santiago, and Rodrigo – surprised everyone with their impressive skill levels.

Acknowledgments and Gratitude:

A special acknowledgment goes out to the Techno coaches, José, Jacobo, and Ferkay, as well as the supporting clubs – CNS CNPS, CNB-Activa – for enabling the transition from the Techno class to the Raceboard class. The CLUB DE VELA DARSENA was also recognized for lending their boards, and FAV for providing their facilities.

The Key to Success: Community Collaboration:

Yet, the journey to revive Raceboard sailing in Andalucia has not been an easy one. Curro Manchon sheds light on the challenges faced, emphasizing the need for a collaborative effort. Private funds were invested to procure 18 boards of various types, including Mistral OD, Fanatic Mega Cat, BIC, AHD, among others.

Investing in Renewal:

To ensure the boards were in optimal condition, a maximum of 400€-500€ was spent per board, covering expenses for new lips, grips, footstraps, mast tracks, fins, daggboards, and dag cases. A significant achievement was selling 10 out of the 18 renovated boards during the training at prices ranging from 150€ to 200€, contributing to the sustainability of the initiative.

The Role of Passionate Individuals:

Curro Manchon’s father Paco played a pivotal role in the success of this venture. His dedication, hours of work, and persistence in seeking, fixing, and refurbishing boards were instrumental. His mantra, “we need to give to sport what sport gave us: A LOT,” encapsulates the essence of their commitment to the windsurfing community.

Call to Action:

In the spirit of sharing the love for windsurfing and rejuvenating Raceboard sailing, we encourage enthusiasts to take initiative. Whether retired individuals, monitors, or coaches with free time, everyone can contribute to the cause. The key lies in simple actions – finding affordable replacement parts, utilizing contacts for transport, negotiating prices, and, most importantly, fostering a community that values the wellness of windsurfing as a sport.


The first training of STAR in Andalucia marks the beginning of an inspiring journey to reinvigorate Raceboard sailing. Through collaboration, dedication, and a shared passion for the sport, individuals are proving that with concerted efforts, any challenge can be overcome. Their story serves as a beacon of hope for those looking to revive and sustain the legacy of windsurfing for generations to come.