“It was one of the most successful Raceboard Championship events. 110 competitors from all over the world is just one of many proofs that this class is growing. Why? My personal opinion is that it will keep growing as we, competitors, are enjoying it very much. [more]The competition, except of great racing and organizing skills, was full of small but nice things such as paddle board competition, climbing competition, unofficial table soccer world championship, almost everyday grill, free lunch in between races, lottery for all competitors (every second competitor won a prize!), on time races, great atmosphere, even greater organizers and last but not least, happy hour with free bar!

I am amazed how little we adults need to have as much fun as children. But first we need to put our self in a situation without roles, such as mr important manager, CEO, lawyer etc. Once we put on wetsuits, we create new, better, more pleasurable environment. When that happens, even when we take off our wetsuits after races, the positive energy is still there – a miracle of raceboard class.

One doctor, a raceboard competitor once told me, that being on water makes her forget about all the worries in the world. When I asked her why, she answered: “there are so many things going on, there is no time for anything else”….