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Committe elections

18:47 Race #4 finish: POL-10, ISV-1, DEN-111, POL-16. end for today. Please return for results, photos, interviews..
18:11 Race #3 finish: POL-10, ISV-1, POL-16, POR-5, DEN-111
17:50 Race #2 finish: ISV-1, ARG-3, ITA-456, BRA-999, POL-10. Wojtek has announced a protest against Devon.
16:40 Wind is there! Three races back-to-back are planning...

12:20 Good morning from sunny Oeiras. Today is the second day of the Windsurfing Euro-Cup here I Portugal. The Skippers Meeting will be at 12:00 with the first possible start at 13:00. At the moment the wind is too light. We are waiting for the thermic to kick in and then we will (hopefully) get more racing action.

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Surf the World

AP over A. No more racing today. Please return for results, interviews and photos..
18:07 Finish of Race 8: DEN-111, POL-10, ARG-3, ITA-1, POL-16 (BFD), ISV-1,...
17:34 Finish race 7: ARG-3, ITA-1, ISV-1, POL-16, POL-10,... We will have another race now.
16:55 Finish Race #6: ITA-1, USA-34, DEN-111,... We will have another race soon.
<16:20> Race #5 finish: ARG-3, ISV-1, POL-10, POR-5, USA-34. We will get another race soon.
15:40 The wind is finally there. At 10 to 17 knots Race Director Claudio Alessandrello hopes to run four races back to back
11:58 Good morning from sunny Oeiras. The sun is already firing and it is hot. Thank god we have already a light breeze from the correct direction. So we are optimistic that we will get some more spectacular racing action today.

on-line reports:
video from yesterday
video: Micah & Keith crash!!!

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