Recall that in last year’s World Championships played in the Czech Republic, after summarizing the results of the penultimate day, Patrick Pollak and Max Wojcik have the same number of points. [more]  It was not until the last day of competition the title of Raceboard World Champion was settled. Before the start of this year’s European Championships in Sopot, we were able to talk to the master. 

Do you know how many competitors will take part in the championship in the class Raceboard?
Max Wojcik: Last year the Raceboard World Championship started out with more than 100 competitors, I hope that maybe we could get a hundred in Sopot at the Sailing Club Ergo Hestia.

You once said that Poles know how to sail and race, and that this class has the potential?
Max Wojcik: Class Raceboard is as attractive as any other sailing class. It gives me personally a lot of joy, a sense of accomplishment and a number of challenges to overcome which gives me a lot of joy and confidence in everyday life.

Do you fear your competitors?
Max Wojcik: I’m prepared physically and mentally to compete in Sopot. This is my club, where I first stepped on the board and I know it very well. I feel confident and at ease here. I like the competition, while having respect for other competitors.

Do these games require special predisposition and preparation?
Max Wojcik: As with any competition at the highest level, you require preparation specific for a given event. With increasing experience, my awareness of how to prepare for the race is growing.  Helpful here is the knowledge of the waters and the specific wind and fantastic sparring partners Pawel Frydrychowicz, Piotr Olewinsk czy and Michal Pierosiuk, all sailors with Ergo Hestia Sopot Sailing Club.

How do you remember racing in previous championships?
Max Wojcik: Each regatta is unique. Not only because of the victories, but mainly because I spend this time with special people with the same passion. The group Raceboard atmosphere is of respect and sympathy. On the shore we help each other while competing fairly on the water. It makes me feel at ease among my friends, Polish and foreign.

It remains to wish you good luck and victory in this year’s championship. Let us hope that home waters will be an advantage!
Max Wojcik: Thank you very much. I promise that I will do everything to once again win.